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The Advantages Of Using A Rowing Machine We are all very lucky to live in a world where technology never stops improving. Because of the technology we all have, there are now numerous exercise machines to help us stay fit. In this article, we will be discussing the rowing machine. The rowing machine is also called the ergo-meter, this machine is not only good for our heart, it also helps us burn all those unwanted calories. Today, it is very sad to think that very few people take advantage of this amazing machine. Even though most if not all gyms have this machine, people tend to avoid the rowing machine because of it’s tough and even strenuous appearance. These people fail to realize that the rowing machine is an excellent tool when we talk about being fit and healthy. So the big question remains, what exactly is a rowing machine? A rowing machine is an equipment that is likely to be found in your local gym, this machine is inspired by the actions we do whenever we row a boat. This machine has a long frame that is fitted by a flywheel that you can locate in it’s front. Air, water, and magnets are forms of resistance the flywheel provides. For the comfort of the user, there is usually a handle placed to the flywheel, this handle is usually made of chain or a rope. To support and make our back, knees, and ankles comfortable, this machine has foot pads and a sliding seat. Finally, you can see a control panel in this machine for the purpose of measuring our distance, speed, power, and the calories we have burned while using it. Listed below are the following benefits a rowing machine provides.
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1. It is an excellent calorie buster
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If you intend to burn calories and lose weight, a rowing machine is an effective tool for you. Although an elliptical bike burns a lot of calories, it is no where close to the effectiveness of a rowing machine. 2. It is used for muscle toning When you progress and you increase the resistance in this machine, you get to tone and develop your muscles in your arms, back, shoulders, and even core. 3. Increases your stamina Because this machine records your progress, the more you increase the resistance, the more you build your endurance. As we progress and perform a higher level of exercise, our body would then adapt which results to improving our stamina. 4. It is an excellent tool to strengthen our cardiovascular health This machine is an excellent cardio workout. It may be hard to believe but just a single session in this machine is enough to elevate your heart rate and even increase the oxygen your body can receive. Aside from the fact that this machine is excellent when you want to lose weight, it is also good for your heart.