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Lalique Chandeliers for A More Beautiful Home Chandeliers can be a good option as far as lightings go in your home. They not only provide adequate lighting to parts of your house, they also add beauty and provide elegance to any one of your rooms. What most people don’t know is that chandeliers can also be used and placed inside your bedrooms, kitchens, and other parts of your house, this is in contrast to the belief that chandeliers are supposed to only be used as ornaments to rooms such as the foyer, formal dining areas, or grand halls. Chandeliers made by Lalique are a good way to add functional lighting to your home, while also beautifying it and infusing it with a touch of history and art. Using lalique chandeliers adds a different aura and ambience to the room. Most probably, the lalique company of chandelier’s name was taken from Rene Jules Lalique, a popular French glass designer long ago. Primarily a designer, Rene Jules Lalique designed a lot of things including clocks, vases, perfume bottles, jewelries, and most of all chandeliers, and sculpted and made them using his preferred medium, glass. Rene Lalique’s glasswork subject’s were mostly of vegetation and various wildlife, and even a frog sculpted by him became an instant collectible. Most of his work were revered for having born the mark and skills of an artist, a jeweler, and a glass maker, but most of all, Rene Lalique crafted forms and glass art that pulsated with energy. Rene Lalique was of the Art Deco movement, with ideals that characterized the movement as functional, modern, elegant and highly glamorous. The reason for good and stylish lighting such as chandeliers and art deco lamps was because the movement had an emphasis on the integration of lighting in both interior and exterior art deco architecture. In all actuality, chandeliers have been around for as long as the middle ages, and their purposes back then were simply for light. Chandeliers of the olden days were simple crosses of wood with spikes where candles could be stuck. In fact, chandelier was a French word that meant candlestick. Chandeliers have gone through being wood and metal, until it was made fully metal, and this was because of metalwork becoming a cheaper and more well known procedure to execute. Today, crystal chandeliers are one of the most attractive types of chandeliers, and they are made mostly of glass. Reminiscent of the work of the late rene Lalique, Lalique chandeliers aim to provide you quality crystal chandeliers. Glass structures from lalique chandeliers should indeed be considered timeless pieces.Sconces – My Most Valuable Advice

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