Lots Of Pillows Releases Most Recent Top 5 Rankings


(Austin, TX)— Lots Of Pillows, a premier resource for memory foam pillow reviews, recently announced the unveiling of their most recent top 5 rankings. The site wants to help consumers who are currently in the market for a new memory foam pillow figure out which ones live up to their marketing claims and will provide them with the comfort and rest they seek. The newest Lots of Pillows rankings are currently available on the home page of their website at

Ralph McEvers, the owner of Lots of Pillows, commented “Although many people tend to focus on the quality of their mattress, they may not realize that having the right pillow is absolutely essential to getting a good night’s sleep. Without a supportive pillow, they may wake during the night or in the morning with stiffness, neck or back pain, or even a severe headache. Restless or interrupted sleep can cause drowsiness in the morning and fatigue throughout the day. We want to help people avoid this fate, but we also know that selecting a good pillow can be a frustrating process with so many out there on the market. This is the reason why we’ve published our top 5 rankings guide.”

At consumers can get a glimpse of the five pillows the Lots of Pillows team has deemed the best on the market. The rankings guide includes selections for every preference and type of sleeper, including side sleepers, those who prefer a cooler pillow, and buyers looking for larger options. For each recommended pillow, the guide includes a thorough description of its features and advantages and an assessment of who the pillow is best suited for. Those looking to purchase a pillow in the near future will find recommendations on where they can purchase it for the best price.

McEvers further commented, “We know that the type of pillow a person chooses can make or break their ability to sleep well. Consequently, we work hard to offer them unbiased reviews that take an in-depth look at each brand and model and give our readers know the real deal. We want them to know they can trust us to provide them with the most pertinent information so they can purchase the pillow they want without regrets.”

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About Lots of Pillows:

Lots Of Pillows provides unbiased expert reviews of top memory foam pillows. Knowing how important the right pillow is to a good night’s sleep, the site’s mission is to help consumers make an informed buying decision and avoid the frustration of the trial and error process.